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Top 10 Easiest and Fun Card Games to Play with Kids

Spending quality time with children is so special with all of the technology devices that can distract them.

It also helps to build learning skills along with teamwork and how to deal with winning…and occasionally even losing.

One of the best ways to get that quality time with them for fun and to learn is to play card games with them.

The trick is that it can’t be too complicated for them to learn, so the quicker they can pick up how to play the more they will enjoy playing the game.

We compiled the top 10 easiest games that you can play with kids, what you’ll need to play, and the basic concept of the game.

Enjoy these precious moments as they go so quickly!

Top 10 Easiest and Fun Card Games

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Get the Whole Family Involved: 10 Easy Card Games for Kids to Learn and Enjoy

Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, game time is the best time. Taking a break from the daily grind of life to play with the ones you love is an important part of growing up.

These days, we often take classic games for granted. Every game we could image is available on electronic devices or in digital formats. Why bother holding physical objects when you could all of them in one technological device?

Nothing beats the feeling of a family game night. Think about the laughter, jokes, and memories that can be made around your kitchen table. Taking a break from the screen is healthy for both you and your children because it allows you to connect on a more personal level.

A great way to do just that is with an exciting game of cards. There are tons of easy card games for kids out there that are easy to learn and fun to play, no matter your age.

Take a break from your day, enjoy a blast from the past, and make memories with your children with these ten easy card games for kids.

Crazy Eights

To start out a crazy night with your family, try one of the best easy card games for kids: crazy eights.

This is a classic game that has had many variations in terms of the rules, style, and format of the game. However, the gameplay is still simple and can create a night of fun for any family.

How to Play

Depending on the number of players you have, you may need either one or two decks of cards. If you have five or fewer players, one should be fine. Any more than five players and you’re going to need a second deck.

Each player is then dealt out five cards. Some people prefer to play with seven cards, but five is generally the standard.

After the dealer sets out the five cards, they set the rest of the cards in the center and flip over the top card to start the discard pile. The person left of the dealer starts the round by playing something from their hand.

But what can they play? Similar to the popular game Uno, players want to discard their hand as quickly as possible by matching either the number on the card or the suit of the card.

For instance, if the seven of hearts was on top of the pile, the next player could either play a heart card or a seven card. If the player does not have a card to play, they must continue drawing from the deck until they are able to play a card.

Don’t forget about the crazy part of this game! The eights in the deck act as wild cards. They can be played at any time on top of any card. Plus, the player will then get to choose which suit the next player will have to play. The first one to get rid of all their cards wins!

Snip, Snap, Snorem

Although nobody really knows what a snorem is, we know this is a must-have on the easy card games for kids list. The game is quick, fun, and allows you to shout out silly words.

How to Play

An entire deck of cards is dealt out to all the players in the game. Many times, the player left of the dealer starts the game, but you can select your own house rules if you’d like.

The starting player sets down any card of their choosing. The following players then try to match the number on the card with cards from their own hand. Each time a person lays down a matching card, they must say either “snip,” “snap,” or “snorem” in that respective order.

For example, if the first player sets down a six of clubs, the next player can lay down their six of diamonds and say “snip.” If you don’t have a matching card, you can say “pass” and skip your turn. If a player has more than one of the number cards in their hands, like the six of hearts and the six of spades, they could lay down both of them. They would then say “snap” and “snorem.”

Whoever says “snorem” then gets to start the next round with a card of their choice. Play continues until one person runs out of cards. That person is the winner!

Go Fish

Got any threes? Pshh, go fish!

One of the most iconic easy card games for kids is Go Fish. People have been teaching their children how to play this game for generations. It allows for strategic thinking, communication, and a ton of fun.

How to Play

Each player gets seven cards, and all the remaining cards are scattered across the table as if they were fish in the water. Some people prefer to keep them in a stacked pile, but that’s totally up to you.

On your turn, you get to ask any other player for a numerical card. For example, you could ask for threes, nines, or queens, but not diamonds, clubs, or spades. The goal is to collect all four cards of that number to form a book. Once you have the book, you can lay it down on the table to earn points.

If a player asks you for a card that is in your hand, you must give them all the numbered cards of that kind in your hand. For instance, if you have three sevens and they ask if you have sevens, you must hand over all three of them.

If you do not have the card they asked for, you get to tell them “Go Fish!” They will then pick a card from the pile and end their turn. However, if they pick up the card they asked for from the pile, their turn continues.

As long as you keep getting the cards you ask for, your turn can continue. Once all the matches have been made, whoever has laid down the most books is the winner!


No, we’re not talking about the animal you find on a farm. We’re talking about one of the top easy card games for kids!

Combining speed, spelling, and matching, this game is a great way to entertain children of all ages.

How to Play

Generally, people will pull out four sets of four of a kind and shuffle them together. Depending on how many people you have playing, you may want to include a few more sets into the deck. There should be a total of four cards available for each player playing the game.

After the sets have all been shuffled, the cards are distributed evenly among the players. Players then examine their cards and discard a single card to their left, trying to form a full set in their hand. Each time you pick up a card from your right from another player, you must discard one to your left.

Everyone picks up and discards simultaneously, keeping everyone busy and preoccupied. The first person to get a full set in their hand must put a finger up to their nose.

While the play continues, the others must watch, because as soon as someone touches their nose, everyone else must do the same, regardless of whether or not they have a set.

The last person to touch their nose is given a letter of the word PIG. Once you get all three letters, you’re eliminated. The last person left standing at the end wins!


Although war can be frightening, when it comes to easy card games for kids, war is exciting!

The game puts you into battle mode with your opponents as you try to claim all the cards for yourself. There’s a lot of luck involved, but potentially hours of fun to be had.

How to Play

Deal out the entire deck. Players will then take turns simultaneously flipping over a card face up to see who has the highest face value. That person then gets to take all the cards that were flipped over and add them to the bottom of their pile.

If there is a tie, the players must place one card onto the table face down and another on top of that face-up. Whoever has the highest here will win all the cards.

Play continues until a single person has the entire deck and therefore wins the war!


Aw snap! It’s time to get your attention at full alert and beat your friends at a game of Snap.

The game itself is simple but requires a lot of focus and concentration. This is one of the best easy card games for kids who want to improve their observation and reflex skills.

How to Play

The deck is dealt out evenly to all the players face down. Players are not allowed to look at their cards but may organize them into a neat stack.

When the game begins, the player to the left of the dealer will flip up their top card onto the table. In clockwise order, the other players will do the same one at a time. The object is to watch out for a pair to be on the board (two fives, two jacks, two eights, etc.)

When you see a match on the table, yell “Snap!” If you are the first to yell it, you receive the stack of flipped up cards from both of those players. The first person to get all the cards in the deck wins!

Old Maid

Don’t get stuck with that old maid! Like many of the other easy card games for kids, this is a classic game that generations of families have adored. Its simple format makes it an excellent choice for a child’s first card game.

How to Play

The deck is dealt out evenly to all the players, with a single joker card added to the pile. This joker will be known as the old maid unless you have an old maid deck in which the old maid will be clearly labeled.

Once you have your hand, you may lay down any pairs you have onto the table. Players then take turns taking a single hold up the backs of their cards to the player to their left, allowing them to select a card of their choice.

Players take turns taking cards and laying down pairs until only the old maid card remains. Whoever gets stuck with the old maid at the end, loses.


Spit is a bit more advanced than some of the other easy card games for kids thus far but is a great way to create a speedy challenge for your children. Its rules are simple, but require a quick eye and hand to win.

How to Play

After setting up a line of stockpiles, in a format similar to solitaire, two spit piles in the center, and stacks of spit cards on each player’s side, the game can begin.

Each player flips over one of the center spit pile cards and attempts to place cards from their stockpiles and spit cards in numerical order. This can go forward or backward and can be done regardless of the suit.

Many variations of this game exist with a large expansion of rules, but in the simple version, the first player to get rid of all their cards, both in their stockpiles and in their spit card stack, wins!


Known by a lot of different names, this game is all about pulling off things that aren’t true. Which is fun in terms of the game, but be sure to let your child know that this is just for the game. Lying and cheating in life is not fun.

How to Play

The dealer passes out all the cards evenly to all the players. The player to the dealers left then begins the game.

The object of the game is to lay down cards into the center discard pile face down in numerical order. The first player starts with aces; the next player does twos, and so on. A player can lay down multiple cards if they choose, all of which are face down.

The trick is, you can cheat. If you are supposed to lay down a six but don’t have any, you can take your four, lie it down, and say it’s a six. If nobody catches you and the next person lies down their cards, then you’re safe!

If, however, someone thinks you might be lying, they can call out “Cheat!” You must then flip over the card you played. If you were cheating, you have to take the entire stack and add it to your hand. If you weren’t cheating, the person who called you out must take the whole pile.

The first player to be completely out of cards is the winner!

Rolling Stone

For one of the less intense easy card games for kids, try out the game Rolling Stone. No, it’s not the same as the rock group, but it is a pretty great way to test your luck with close family and friends.

Get rid of your cards, play your suits wisely, and make sure not to get caught with the deck!

How to Play

Each player gets dealt eight cards, sometimes ten depending on the size of your group and the type of rules your family creates. The person left to the dealer starts by lying down a card of their choice.

Play then continues clockwise, with each player having to lay down a card of the same suit. Whoever cannot play a card from that suit must pick up the cards played thus far and add them to their hands.

If the round makes it through all the players without someone taking the stack, whoever played the highest card that round gets to start the next round. The cards that were played get set aside, discarded.

Whoever gets rid of all their cards first is the winner!

Easy Card Games for Kids and Adults

Card games can be both fun and exciting for people of all ages. With simple rules and easy to understand concepts, you can get everyone involved in a thrilling night of cards. Teach your kids, laugh with your family, and enjoy the memories these games will create.

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