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How to Play Tri Peaks Solitaire : A Traditional Solitaire Card Games


If you’re feeling stressed out, or bored, sure, you could check your email – again, or read through your social media feed – again. But for those long summer afternoons, or those winter days when the weather is just too much, or for taking a break from solving that testy problem at work, why not … Read more

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How to Play Escoba? : Tips, Strategies, & More A Trick-taking Game

How to Play Escoba

Card games have been popular throughout the generations, and Escoba is one such game to have gained tremendous grounds especially in Latin America. With origins deeply rooted in the Italian variation called Scopa da Quindici, this card game has become a very important part of various cultures today. In many regions, it is also referred … Read more

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How to Play Yukon Solitaire

yukon solitaire

Before there were addictive games on cell phones, even before there computers, card games were used to pass the time. Unlike games such as blackjack or poker, solitaire games are designed for a single player. All that is needed to play Yukon Solitaire is a single standard deck of cards and a flat surface to … Read more