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How to Play Pinochle: 5 Rules to Know

how to play pinochle

So you’re a card buff and have grown tired of the usual. Poker, Black Jack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Canasta, Rook, and Old Maid have all lost their luster; they don’t give you quite the same rush as they used to. And now you’ve gone looking for a new game to show your friends and have … Read more

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How to Win at Hearts on Your First Try

teddy bear besides playing cards

Before video games, there were board games. Before board games, there were cards. Card games have stood the test of time, with bridge and poker as popular as ever. Las Vegas even televises high stakes poker games! Bridge is one of the most popular pastimes in retirement communities and includes many variations. Similar to Bridge are … Read more

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How to Bridge Cards Like a Pro: Our Comprehensive Guide

Photo of a scattered cards

image source: unsplash Whether you’re getting ready to host your first poker night with your friends or start a career in magic, learning how to bridge cards like a pro is an absolute must. Because let’s face it: most other methods of shuffling are dull, unimpressive, and amateurish. Bridging is popular for a reason; it … Read more

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Rummy 500: Your Every Game Easy-To-Follow Winning Strategies

Sexy woman holding playing cards

Rummy 500 goes by many interesting names, such as 500 rum, pinochle rummy, and Persian rummy. It is an accelerated version of traditional rummy, designed for a heightened experience. Rummy 500 Games Interestingly, you don’t have to endure your destine in rummy, as it allows you to make amends by picking up new cards and … Read more

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Learn the Rules and Variations of the Card Game Speed

speed card game

Playing card games is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time, especially if you play the card game Speed. There is no shortage of card games that you can play with a buddy. If you’re looking for a good way to pass the time with friends, why not play Speed? As the … Read more

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Learn How Hand and Foot Card Games Are Played

How to Play Hand and Foot Card Game

The Hand and Foot card game is a variation of Canasta. It originated in North America and is played with two piles of cards called a “hand” and a “foot,” hence the name. This differs from traditional Canasta, which uses just a hand pile. The game uses between four and seven full decks of cards and … Read more