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How to Play Spite and Malice

spite and malice-playing card

Spite and Malice is solitaire with a twist. Instead of playing alone, players pair up to complete their solitaire game first while derailing the other player. The game looks the same, but there are some different twists that include not needing to pay attention to suits, playing with 52 cards but possibly not having all … Read more

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How to Play Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire, like all solitaire games, is a single player card game, and it is a variant on Spider Solitaire, in which the goal is to make stacks of the same suit of cards. It is simpler because the player uses only one standard deck of 52 cards (there is a version of spider solitaire … Read more

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The Speed Card Game: Rules, TIps, Strategies and More

speed card game

Speed card game is a classic card game played in school lunchrooms and kitchen tables across the world. Unlike most turn-based card games, Speed is a free-for-all that, like the name implies, pushes its competitors to go as fast as they can. It can be goofy, rambunctious, and lots of fun with the right group of … Read more

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How to Play Piquet


Piquet is an ancient card game. The first known mention of Piquet in written form dates back to 1535. Legend holds that Stephen de Vignolles invented the game during his service to Charles VII during the Hundred Years War. Although it is also believed it may have come from Spain and was introduced in France … Read more

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How to Play Canasta


Card games are immemorial. Many researchers claim that the first card was created in the 14th century and others claim it was even before that where many variants in were played such as Tarot. There are many popular card games that are enjoyed for a multitude of reasons. Some play to pass time while others play … Read more

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Learn How to Play the Pyramid Card Game and Win

Pyramid Card Game

Many people like playing solitaire on their computers when they are bored or taking a break at work. One of the many variations of the solitaire game is called Pyramid Solitaire. By learning the rules and how to play it, you can increase your chances of winning at this Pyramid card game. Pyramid Solitaire History … Read more

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The Secret to Winning the War Card Game

War Card game

War is a simple card game that is a favorite of elementary school-aged children because of its easy to follow rules and fast pace of play. For adults, the War card game will probably be a bit too simplistic to be worth trying, but it can be a good educational tool or a great way … Read more

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Learn to Play the Simple, Yet Strategic Golf Card Game

Golf card game

There are many versions of solitaire with which people can learn to entertain themselves. While almost everyone knows how to play traditional solitaire, other versions like FreeCell, Pyramids, or Golf are not as well-known. By learning the rules of it and how to play the Golf card game you can spend hours playing challenging yourself … Read more