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How to Play Piquet


Piquet is an ancient card game. The first known mention of Piquet in written form dates back to 1535. Legend holds that Stephen de Vignolles invented the game during his service to Charles VII during the Hundred Years War. Although it is also believed it may have come from Spain and was introduced in France … Read more

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How to Play Canasta


Card games are immemorial. Many researchers claim that the first card was created in the 14th century and others claim it was even before that where many variants in were played such as Tarot. There are many popular card games that are enjoyed for a multitude of reasons. Some play to pass time while others play … Read more

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Learn How to Play the Pyramid Card Game and Win

Pyramid Card Game

Many people like playing solitaire on their computers when they are bored or taking a break at work. One of the many variations of the solitaire game is called Pyramid Solitaire. By learning the rules and how to play it, you can increase your chances of winning at this Pyramid card game. Pyramid Solitaire History … Read more

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The Secret to Winning the War Card Game

War Card game

War is a simple card game that is a favorite of elementary school-aged children because of its easy to follow rules and fast pace of play. For adults, the War card game will probably be a bit too simplistic to be worth trying, but it can be a good educational tool or a great way … Read more

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Teaching Kids Card Basics With The Go Fish Card Game

Go fish card game

The Go Fish card game is a pleasant and slow-paced card game that’s famously played between children and their parents or caretakers. As a social and learning experience, Go Fish is gently competitive but ends up feeling collaborative, which is a great way to ease children into the spirit of more competitive and more complex … Read more

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How To Have Fun With The Crazy 8s Card Game

Crazy 8 card game

The Crazy 8 Card Game is named a bit oddly but is a great game to teach to young card players who are looking for a new challenge. Once young card players have their handle on the wildness of Crazy 8s, they’ll be ready to take on more challenging card games where things can start … Read more

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How To Have Fun Playing Canasta


The Canasta card game is fun but rarely played team game which originated in the 1950s in the US. Canasta is a bit complex for casual play, and it has some rules which make it difficult to learn for new players, but players familiar with Rummy will probably have the easiest time learning Canasta. At … Read more

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Learn How to Play the Challenging Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 card game

Usually, variations of traditional card games are created by companies that sell them commercially. However, there are games created for the commercial market by professional or amateur game creators, such as Phase 10. Here are the rules and how to play the Phase 10 card game. Phase 10 History The commercial card game Phase 10 … Read more

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Ready to Win at 7 Card Stud? (Your Complete Guide)

7 card stud

Hold ‘em poker might be all the rage, but 7 card stud is a poker throwback that has stood the test of time. Ready to learn more about this fast-moving, action-packed game? Today, we’re giving you everything you need to understand and win your next game of 7 card stud! What’s So Great About This … Read more