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Rummy 500: Your Every Game Easy-To-Follow Winning Strategies

Rummy 500 goes by many interesting names, such as 500 rum, pinochle rummy, and Persian rummy. It is an accelerated version of traditional rummy, designed for a heightened experience.

Rummy 500 Games

Interestingly, you don’t have to endure your destine in rummy, as it allows you to make amends by picking up new cards and discarding unsuitable ones! This game can be a lot of fun as you pick what you want and put your brains against competing players!

A Brief History


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Rummy is a lot like life. Life deals you all sorts of hands as you go along. The difference is that life may not offer you a chance to make amends, but rummy does. Rummy is one of the oldest card games and is enjoyed by adults of all ages. The essential aim of rummy is to arrange your cards into sets or sequences.

The ancestry of rummy dates back centuries with many perspectives surrounding its most likely roots. Just as playing Canasta, rummy has its most likely origins in the game of Conquian. It is believed to have originated as early as the 1860s. While some historians argue that Conquian is a Spanish game akin to rummy, others disagree and believe it was developed in American and possibly then moved to Mexico as well.

Some historians suggest that poker planted the seeds of rummy a long time ago. They have drawn similarities in the sequential pattern of cards that poker uses, and the sets that rummy employs as well. Card games are popularly known ‘Rum Poker’ give further weight to this hypothesis, with rummy 500 probably developing as an offshoot it.

Another vastly different supposition is that rummy developed in Asia, from Mah Jong, a Chinese card game or Hanafuda, a Japanese one. Just as how you play Canasta with fun, make sure to enjoy this game as well.

The fascinating aspect of these varied views is that rummy has been a game that multiple generations of players have enjoyed. Its worldwide popularity and appeal are have stood the test of time, and it remains a fun and engaging game to this day.

Rummy 500 – Rules, Tips, and Strategies

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Rummy 500 is a more exciting version of good old rummy. It’s a race to the quickest 500 (which explains why it is often called ‘speed rummy’). Read on to master the rules and techniques and ace your rummy game –

Speak Like A Rummy 500 Pro

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Any rummy 500 players must understand a few basic terms of the game. Take a look at a few terms that are used in the game. Memorize these, and you’ll be speaking like a pro rummy player in no time! All players must strive to arrange their dealt cards into sets or sequences.

A set is also called a meld, a book or a run. It implies 3 cards together, which have the same rank or value. These may belong to different suits. A set always has 4 cards.

Additionally, if the cards in a set share the same suit, it becomes invalid (and you don’t want that!). For example, 3 of Aces, with 1 each of spades, diamonds, and hearts, constitute a valid set.

What Is A Sequence?

A sequence differs from a set, in that all the cards belong to the same suit. However, these cards are differently ranked, and in order. For example, 3, 4, and 5 ranked cards belonging to hearts. Additionally, a sequence can be pure or impure.

A pure sequence is one that lacks a joker card, while an impure sequence has one in it. A pure sequence is also called ‘life’ to denote the winning streak it may hold for you.

Similarly with speed card game and spit card game, here’s what you need to organize a game of rummy 500 –

  • Contact your players. These may range from 2 to 6 or 8 players. Find a comfortable setting and arrange for music or food, and get ready for a time of relaxation and companionship
  • A conventional deck of 52 cards (increase this to 2 decks if there are more than 5 players)
  • At least 2 joker cards (for 2 decks) Choose a person to deal and then deal the cards out as per the number of players. Games with 2 players, receive 7 cards each, while those with 3 or more players will receive 13 cards each.
  • The dealer hands out cards and a bonus card is given to the player on his or her left side, which is discarded, to begin the discard pile. The winner of the current hand then deals for the next round, and so on.

Get Your Rummy 500 Game On


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The aim of rummy 500 is similar to conventional rummy. Each player must try to arrange their cards into sequences or sets or 3 or 4 cards. This process is also called ‘melding.’ The players compete to reach the highest score of 500 as the name suggests. Take a look at a few steps to get your game going-

  • Once the cards are dealt, they are arranged into a ‘stock’ and a discarded card pile. The stockpile consists of cards leftover after dealing. The stockpile (also called a ‘draw’ pile) is a closed deck or facedown while the discarded pile is faceup or an open deck of cards.
  • As the game progresses, you and the rest of the players pick the topmost card from the facedown stockpile. The card is unseen and added to the player’s hand. Alternatively, a player may choose to pick up a card from the discarded pile.
  • If a lower card in the discarded stack is chosen, the cards lying above it must be included as well and added to the player’s existing hand.
  • Simultaneously place a card into the discarded heap. The cards that are cast off are placed facing upwards so that all players can get a clear view of them.
  • The players now attempt to meld or make runs and sequences. Your turn ends when you discard a card, and the game progresses to the next player. The player, who finishes all of his or her cards the soonest is the winner.

Making A Valid Declaration


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You can make a run for the rummy 500 trophies if the aim of the game is met. This implies that all the cards are organized into sets and sequences. To ensure that the coveted win is yours, ensure that in a 13 card game, you have at least 2 sequences with a minimum of 1 pure sequence (without a joker).

How To Score Your Cards


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If you are the first to finish all your cards, all your melded cards will be counted to give the final score. Therefore, all cards with a face constitute a score of 10. Jokers and also Aces which are used at a high rank, give a score of 15 each. If aces are used low, they score 5 points, and all the numbered cards are scored as per their numbered value.

In a 13 card game of rummy, a player can only get a maximum score of 80 points, irrespective of melding. You can add a twist to your game by throwing in an ‘opponent’s hand rule,’ in which the score of each player’s remaining cards is added to the winning player’s score, thus augmenting it!

The gameplay ceases as a player discards his or her last leftover card. The points are then calculated by counting the score of the melded cards and deducting the remaining cards that are not melded. If the stockpile runs out of cards before anyone can make a successful play, no score is determined, and the next round is started.

Tips To Take Your Rummy 500 Game To The Next Level

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  • The joker power play – Wild joker cards can be used to amplify the fun in rummy 500. Thus, wild jokers can be used to your advantage as they replace any other card in the game, and can help you make a set or sequence (although it will be an impure one).
  • The Aces card is flexible. Accordingly, it may be used as a low rank before a 2, or as a high rank, after a king. Decide on the rules before you start! So, keep an eye on the other players’ card choices, keep looking to see what they discard and pick up, to get an idea of their melding.
  • Lastly, pick up high cards at the beginning of the hand but be careful because as the hand is nearing the end, you could be stuck with a low score! Balance out the advantages of picking up more cards from a discarded pile, versus picking up cards that add value to your meld.
  • Aces are a good choice to pick up, as they can be added conveniently to a sequence or suit.

Rummy 500: Value Your Card Choice

Ultimately, Rummy 500 is an entertaining game that will help you combat boredom. Also, it relies on rules and anticipation of the end game, giving you the right mix of fun and mental stimulation. So set-up your casino and card themed party decorations now and have fun!

As you advance in your knowledge of the strategies, you can look forward to a more rewarding experience with friends and family. Thus, learning more about customized card playing gives you a better edge in any other card game.



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