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Casino and Card Themed Party Decorations: Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Event

The theme and decorations can go a long way in making a special event more exciting and memorable. If you are celebrating an event for your group that loves to visit casinos or play card games, then it may be a fun idea to hold a casino themed party. 

The biggest question that might arise from this idea is probably, “is this even legal?” Well, there are many states that allow gaming for the spirit of fun, so it can really vary from state to state. With that said, we recommend that you check with your state on the legality of having a card themed party.

When it comes to throwing a party of this type, it’s only natural that you have card themed party decorations to properly set the mood. In this article, we’ll provide some tips and ideas on how to throw a casino and card themed party that will make a positive impression on all your guests.

Casino and Card Themed Party Decorations Ideas

When throwing a successful card themed party, it all starts with the decorations. Here are some ideas that you can use:

Card Themed Invitations

If you’re really going to be all-in on your card themed party, then you should start with your card themed invitations. This can be a fun DIY project that you can do with your friends and family. 

For this idea, you can cut out the invitations in the shape of card suits (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds). Then, purchase a cheap deck of playing cards and glue them to the invitations. Write all the necessary details of the party on the back of the card. You can have fun with writing the party details by using card game jargon and puns.

If you’d rather purchase the invitations instead of making them, you can always order personalized card party invitations through an online service.

DIY Playing Cards

You can’t have a card themed party without playing card games – which means that you’ll need card decks. 

Sure, you can just head to the nearest Walmart and purchase multiple decks but that’s hardly a memorable idea. If you really want to make an impression on your guests, you should consider DIY playing cards. 

There are many websites online that can help you create your own deck of playing cards. However, if you’re not thrilled with the idea of crafting your own cards, you could always order personalized playing cards.

There are many services out there that can create customized playing card decks. You get to choose or upload your own designs, choose your materials, and the cards will be printed for you. This takes the stress out of providing decks that will make the best impression out of your guests.

Casino and Playing Card Decorations

To set the mood of the party, it only makes sense to fill the space with casino and card themed party decorations. It’s a good idea to have giant playing card decorations, chips, roulette wheels and other paraphernalia all over the place, particularly the walls and floors.

You can easily purchase casino items and decor from your local Walmart or Party City, or from an online marketplace like Amazon.

If you prefer the ultimate card decoration without the work, you do always have the option of purchasing a casino and card themed décor kit. However, this is not exactly the cheapest solution. Some of these kits are $300 or more!

More Tips for a Great Party

  • Make sure that there are card games for the enjoyment of your guest. You can’t go wrong with the usual affairs like poker and blackjack.
  • You can make it even more like a casino by hiring professional dealers and waitresses. The dealers can even explain the rules for people who are familiar with card games.
  • Even when there’s no real money involved, you can make it fun and exciting by allowing the guests to exchange the chips for prizes.

Wrapping Up

Throwing a card themed party might be quite intimidating but it’s not that bad. Just make sure that your card themed party decorations and the atmosphere are on-point.

Not only can you use these ideas for birthday parties but for other events as well like weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, grand openings and more. Hopefully, we have helped you in preparing a card themed party that will impress your guests.

Do you have more ideas for throwing a card themed party? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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