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How to Play Uno with Regular Cards: A Quick Guide and Some Uno Tips

Uno is one of the most popular games that can be played by the whole family. Many folks have grown up playing Uno with their friends and family.

Even the most hardcore gamers have a lot to appreciate about Uno. Due to commands like Skip, Draw Four, Reverse and more, a game of Uno can be quite intense and competitive.

However, we’re not here to talk about Uno and its rules.

We know that many people want to know if you can play Uno with regular cards – it’s a good thing you can.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to play Uno with regular cards. 

How to Play Uno with Regular Cards

So you got two decks of cards and you’re running out of card games to play. Well you’re in luck because you have enough for playing Uno with regular cards provided that you have more players.The traditional Uno card game is played using a set of 108 cards. This happens to be the same number of cards in two regular decks of playing cards (including the Jokers).

If you can, get two decks with different colors (ones that are usually used in games such as Bridge).

Card Values

Since we’re playing with regular cards, your group should decide the value of the playing cards in accordance to Uno. In Uno, the distribution of cards are as follows:

  • 72 Number Cards (two sets of 1 to 9 per color, plus one each for zero)
  • 8 Reverse Cards
  • 8 Draw 2
  • 8 Skip
  • 4 Wild
  • 4 Draw
  • 4 Wild

With two decks of cards, you can use the face cards for the special action cards. You may use the values below:

  • 72 Number Cards (numbers 2 to 10)
  • 8 Skip / Reverse Cards (Jacks)
  • 8 Draw 2 (Queens)
  • 8 Wild (Kings)
  • 8 Draw 4 (Aces)
  • 4 Jokers (Unused)

To better fit the traditional Uno distribution, we suggest that you hold on to the Reverse and Skip cards. Then you can make half of the King cards be Draw 4 Wild, then other half as the Wild.

For better organization, do this according to suit.

To Use Jokers or Not?

With a regular playing card, you have to let go of the 0 card from the standard Uno which is very strategic to the game. It offers no points and is rarely matched.

However, keep in mind that you still have the unused Jokers.

You have the option of dropping the mechanic altogether and leaving the jokers unused. Otherwise, you can use the Jokers as a special purpose card. Either way, you are still complying with the many variants of Uno that was released by Mattel.

If you choose to use Jokers, we suggest that you use them as a limited wild card. The Jokers can be used as any suit without needing to change the values.

For example, if the suit played is diamond, the Joker can be played as the Joker of diamonds. If a participant plays a Joker on top of another Joker, that player may assign a new suit like a true wild card.

As a suggestion, you can score Jokers for 15 points.

Once you got these all set up, you can now play Uno with your standard cards. If you want to learn more about Uno card rules, you can check out the official rules from Mattel’s website.

Tips for Playing Uno with Cards

Again, you’ll be simply playing the same old Uno but only with regular cards. So these Uno tips will still apply:

  • Discard “Draw 4” cards: Immediately discard “Draw 4” wild cards once you get them. It will cost you a hefty 50 points if you still have this wild card by the end of the round. Besides, you can only play it when you don’t have any number or colored card.
  • Utilize “Skip” and “Reverse” cards strategically: Discard cards that are worth 20 points as soon as you can but tactfully use both the Skip and Reverse cards. Be on the lookout for your opponent’s hands and use these wild cards to prevent them from completely discarding their hands.
  • Play “Wild” cards only when absolutely needed: If you are playing non-draw four wild cards, hold them as long as you can. These cards are true game changers and can help you secure the win.

Now You’re Ready to Play!

And that’s how to play Uno with regular cards. It really is doable as long as you have two decks of cards and enough players to participate. You just have to establish the card game rules before starting the game.

As always, relax and enjoy the company of people that you’re playing with.


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