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Other Games to Play with Uno Cards: Game Ideas for Playing with Your Uno Deck

When it comes to fast and frenzied games that are family-friendly, Uno is a tough one to beat in terms of popularity. For many decades now, Uno has been a staple in get-togethers of American families. 

Well, that’s not hard to see because the game features a great balance of chance and gentle strategy. 

Best of all, it’s great fun for all ages and up to 10 people can play (granted that you have two decks for 6 people or more). It’s particularly great for kids because it can help develop critical thinking, social interaction, and dexterity.

But Uno is not just played with its own set of rules because there are other games to play with Uno cards. Many of them are simple variations of the classic Uno rules.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the fun ways to play with your Uno card deck.

Other Games to Play with Uno Cards

Contrary to popular belief, Uno doesn’t have to be played as itself. There are variations of the game that can be played using the Uno attack cards. Below are some of the best games you can play with Uno cards.


Stress is a two-player card that’s pretty fast-paced. For this game, you will only need the numbered cards which means that cards like “wild”, “adding” and “reverse” must be removed from the deck.

Each player will be dealt 7 cards (you can modify this based on your preferences) and the rest of the deck will be set aside. From the remaining card stack, two cards will be pulled and placed in the middle. The rest of the stack will be set aside.

Now, this is where the fun begins.

The main objective of the players is to match the cards in the middle in terms of numerical value. A card can be played if it’s one number higher or lesser than the cards in the middle.

Now, players must be fast.

There will be instances where two players can match the cards in the middle but only the faster one will be able to do so. Players can yell “Stress” before the other person can add more cards. If this happens, the other player will have to take all the accumulated cards from the middle pile. 

The winning condition is to get rid of all the cards on hand. All rules can be changed and added for cards without numbers.

Nuclear Uno

In this variation of Uno, you pretty much follow the same set of rules but with a big twist.

When there are players with the same cards (same color and number), they have the chance to play it regardless of whose turn it is. When doing this, the players must yell “Nuclear.”

Once a player shouts “Nuclear”, the sequence of the turn remains the same.

However, it will be the turn of the player before the yeller. When there are special cards, different rules apply. For example, if it’s a nuclear reverse, it will work like a normal nuclear but the direction of the turn goes to the reverse order.

In case of a nuclear Draw Four or Draw Two, the values will keep doubling if there are no more nuclears to play.

This is a great twist on the classic game of Uno.


Slap is another great game that is often played during camping trips and sleepovers.

In case you don’t have a deck of standard playing cards, an Uno deck will do in a pinch. Of course, you will need to make some alterations to your Uno cards especially when Uno has twice as many cards as a standard card deck.

Slap is yet another fast-paced card game. Basically, the turns go in a circle and each participant quickly lays down a card. One way to win the game is by slapping the pile of cards in the middle of the table but only if there are certain sequences are played.

To learn more about playing Slap using Uno cards, check out WikiHow’s comprehensive guide.

More Game Options with Uno Cards!

As you can see, there is no shortage of games to play with Uno cards.

There are many other games to play with Uno cards and most of them are very simple variations of the classic Uno that we all know and love. Many of these games are perfect for young kids.

With a few alterations, you shouldn’t have a problem playing other games with your Uno deck. You are only limited by your imagination.

Do you know other games that can be played with an Uno deck? Share with us your ideas through the comment section below.

For more card games and ideas, visit CardGameInfo for a treasure trove of informative articles about card games.


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