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How to Play Yukon Solitaire

yukon solitaire

Before there were addictive games on cell phones, even before there computers, card games were used to pass the time. Unlike games such as blackjack or poker, solitaire games are designed for a single player. All that is needed to play Yukon Solitaire is a single standard deck of cards and a flat surface to … Read more

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How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

Play Pyramid Solitaire

We all have played solitaire at one point or the other thanks to computers. This mesmerizing single-player card game, hence the name,  became popular with the world as a computer game with Microsoft. However, even before computers were invented, people were known to while away a beautiful afternoon engrossed in this fantastic game. There are … Read more

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Casino and Card Themed Party Decorations: Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Event

casino and card theme party decorations

The theme and decorations can go a long way in making a special event more exciting and memorable. If you are celebrating an event for your group that loves to visit casinos or play card games, then it may be a fun idea to hold a casino themed party.  The biggest question that might arise … Read more

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Customized Deck of Playing Cards: From Interesting Poker Nights to Memorable Party Favors

customized deck of playing cards

A night of playing card games guarantees a great time for just about everyone involved. You’d be lying if you’re not excited to play with your buddies on poker night. While many people believe that card games are all just about fun and games, there are other benefits that you can get while playing.  Playing … Read more

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Blackjack Card Game: Taking Your Fun Card Game to the Next Level

Blackjack Card Game Examples with Four Sample Scenes Player 1 has received two eights Player 2 has a jack and a two Player 3 has a six and a two Player 4 has a queen and a four

The popular blackjack card game is played around the table with friends or at a casino. The game is also known as “Twenty-One,” which hints at the number the gameplay revolves around, 21. However, having two cards worth 21 is not the only way to win blackjack. The game of blackjack also revolves around beating … Read more