Thousands Of Years Of Nothing Up My Sleeve: The History Of Card Games

fun card games for adults

At any party or get-together, fun card games for adults are guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood. After all, pretty much everyone owns at least one basic deck of cards! But have you ever wondered about the history of your humble deck of playing cards? Playing cards have been around for over 1,000 … Read more

How to Play War Card Game

Four Ace War Card Game

Card games have been played all over the world for as long as human beings can remember. Most of them are unknown in their origins, however, that does not deter us from playing them at any given moment and for any given reason. With so many games like kings in the corner to be played … Read more

How to Play Whist Card Game

Card games are a great way to spend time with family and friends. They’re even better when you get to team up. The whist card game is played by two teams of two players each with the goal of winning hands based on the value of the cards you’re dealt. Its basic rules are easy … Read more

Kings Corner: Playing this Tricky Card Game with Excitement and Strategy

Four Different King Cards in a Standard Deck for Kings Corner Card Game

Kings Corner, commonly referred to as Kings in the Corner, is a card game popular in North America. However, it is rarely featured in books about North American card games. So how do you play Kings Corner? How do you win? What are some strategies you can implement? What else is there to learn besides the … Read more

How to Play Truco

How to Play Truco

Truco is a popular card game that owes its most origins to the straightforward card game of ‘Truc.’ It’s widely played in South American countries such as Valencia, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil. What is Truco? It’s a trick-taking card game. Its unique selling point is the excitement generated through bluffing and trick-taking, as the players … Read more

Cuarenta: Playing the Official Fun Card Game of Equador

Cuarenta Playing Cards with King on Four Cards on a wooden table

Cuarenta is the official card game of Equador. It is played in the mountain regions of the country including major cities like the capital Quito. The name comes from the Spanish word for 40, which is the number of cards they play the game with. This is not your typical serious card game as it … Read more

The Speed Card Game: Rules, TIps, Strategies and More

speed card game

Speed card game is a classic card game played in school lunchrooms and kitchen tables across the world. Unlike most turn-based card games, Speed is a free-for-all that, like the name implies, pushes its competitors to go as fast as they can. It can be goofy, rambunctious, and lots of fun with the right group … Read more

Gin Card Game: Equipping Yourself with these Rules and Strategies

Gin Card Game with Deck of Cards and Red Dices

Card games originated in China and have been around for thousands of years. Eventually, they made their way over to Europe. One iteration of card games invented was the gin card game, which came with its own variations including gin rummy. While its history is unclear, Gin Card Game – What is Gin Rummy? Gin rummy is … Read more