Learn How Hand and Foot Card Games Are Played

How to Play Hand and Foot Card Game

The Hand and Foot card game is a variation of Canasta. It originated in North America and is played with two piles of cards called a “hand” and a “foot,” hence the name. This differs from traditional Canasta, which uses just a hand pile. The game uses between four and seven full decks of cards and … Read more

How to Play Durak

Durak is one of the most popular card games played in Russia, and very few people outside of Russia and Ukraine know about this game. The point of Durak is not to win, but rather to find the ‘fool.’ Durak means ‘fool’ in Russian and is a game where the loser is teased as the … Read more

How to Play Faro Card Game

faro card game

Farobank or Faro card game it’s more different from popular card game like poker, its is among the earliest known gambling games. It was extremely popular in the late 17th century and is in fact mentioned in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace as a card game where Count Rostov loses his fortune. Any number of people … Read more

How to Play Spite and Malice

spite and malice-playing card

Spite and Malice is solitaire with a twist. Instead of playing alone, players pair up to complete their solitaire game first while derailing the other player. The game looks the same, but there are some different twists that include not needing to pay attention to suits, playing with 52 cards but possibly not having all … Read more

How to Play Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire, like all solitaire games, is a single player card game, and it is a variant on Spider Solitaire, in which the goal is to make stacks of the same suit of cards. It is simpler because the player uses only one standard deck of 52 cards (there is a version of spider solitaire … Read more

How to Play Pyramid Game

Pyramid game is among the top Solitaire games played all over the world. The game has gained tremendous popularity in the past couple of years as software, and web technologies have allowed for quicker layouts, shuffling and gameplays. Pyramid Game / Pyramid Solitaire The objective is simple and is same as every other Solitaire card … Read more