Play These Unique Card Games for One, Two, or More Players

Unique card games

A deck of playing cards can provide hours of enjoyment, whether you’re alone or with at least one other player. There are classic card games that almost everyone knows, like: Poker Solitaire Bridge Gin Rummy Hearts However, there are also many other unique card games that people may not know about. Unique Playing Card Games … Read more

Learn How to Play the Challenging Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 card game

Usually, variations of traditional card games are created by companies that sell them commercially. However, there are games created for the commercial market by professional or amateur game creators, such as Phase 10. Here are the rules and how to play the Phase 10 card game. Phase 10 History The commercial card game Phase 10 … Read more

Learn to Play the Simple, Yet Strategic Golf Card Game

Golf card game

There are many versions of solitaire with which people can learn to entertain themselves. While almost everyone knows how to play traditional solitaire, other versions like FreeCell, Pyramids, or Golf are not as well-known. By learning the rules of it and how to play the Golf card game you can spend hours playing challenging yourself … Read more

Three Ways to Play the Patience Card Game

Patience card game

Playing cards have been a part of history as far back at 10th century China, and in the 1800’s they became a favorite pastime.  With a standard 52-card deck you can play hundreds of different games, some that only require one player.  The Patience Card Game is one of those games. Called “Solitaire” in the … Read more

A Spin on Solitaire- The Canfield Card Game

Canfield card game

There are hundreds of different versions of Solitaire, and the most popular one is called Klondike.  The Canfield card game is sometimes confused with this favorite pastime, but it has a few key differences that make it a far more challenging version than the original. Here, we’ll discuss its somewhat sordid history and how it … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Euchre


The popular card game euchre is responsible for the invention of our much-beloved joker. While there’s some debate about how euchre arrived in the United States and where it originated from, most surmise that it developed in Cornwall and England’s West Country. The joker, in essence, is a glorified jack taken from the word “jucker” … Read more

Do You Know This Essential Blackjack Strategy?


The blackjack scene from Rain Man is unforgettable: Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, playing Charlie and Raymond Babbitt, respectively, take a seat at the blackjack table, and before long the chips start piling up. We’re not saying your casino scene will have quite the same results, but reading this essential guide to the inner workings … Read more